July 2021

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Barebow Workshop

We're pleased to bring some more positive news.


Workshops were popular events at Thirsk Bowmen before covid, and on Sunday 27th June we ran our first workshop at the field this year. This was all about Barebow archery, with our experienced barebow archers and coaches sharing their knowledge of this bowstyle.


This was a fun and very informative day, with everyone getting to see all sorts of different bows and try their hand at barebow shooting. All within a safe and covid-secure environment.


There was some great shooting, and the best part was seeing archers together again, all enjoying archery!

Yorkshire Championship Results

Go check out the gallery section to see Thirsk Bowman Archers in action at the Yorkshire Championships!

June 2021

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Sorry for the lack of updates, someone forgot to feed the IT guy!

On a more serious note, we are back!  Beginner courses have been ran and the field is open!  Please remember to book your slot using TimeTree!

Weekly coaching

To help returning archers back to shooting, and new archers take those first steps from the beginners course, our coaches are pleased to offer weekly coaching to all members. This is a great opportunity to spend some time with a coach and work on all the essential skills in a friendly environment. Covid safety is always a top priority, with government and Archery GB guidelines observed.


All members are welcome - if you're new to archery or have been shooting for years, we'll do our best to help you. Everyone progresses at their own pace, and the coaches will always work with you to make sure you're always happy in your shooting.


The coaches will look forward to welcoming you to a session soon

November 2020

Due to the recent announcements the field and indoor venue will close as of Wednesday until we are advised otherwise.

May 2020

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We are pleased to announce that as of the 20th May the Archery field will reopen to Members.  We will keep you all updated as the restrictions are removed.

MEMBERS - Please ensure you have followed the procedure as per the recent email, if in doubt please log into the members section for further information.

March 2020

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We’re pleased to give you some very positive news at a time when its in short supply.


We recently applied for, and were today granted Archery GB OnTarget Performance Specialism Club status.


In the words of Archery GB:

"A performance club understands the need to help them all develop by creating opportunities to train, build on skills, achieve their potential and satisfy goals.
To do this it needs to be open to new ideas, recognise the importance of suitable competition and training as fundamental drivers to raising performance, and create an environment that encourages excellence in club, school, and community settings.
Helping members develop will lead to better performances all round and improve the standards of everyone involved in the talent pathway.


We must thank our great committee, and our coaching squad for all their hard work in making this possible. As well as all the amazing archers we work with who make this all completely worthwhile. 

Due to the COVID-19 virus and communication from Archery GB all club activities are suspended until further notice.  We will update you all as further information is made available.  Stay safe.

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 virus and the impact it is having, in addition to the Archery GB recommendation this years WA 720 competition has been cancelled.

September 2021

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Thirsk Bowmen Archers selected to represent Yorkshire

We are very proud to announce that 3 of our junior, and 2 of our senior archers have been chosen to shoot as part of the Yorkshire team. Representing the county at the Inter-counties tournament in October. Congratulations to all of them! 

With far less competitions this summer, getting the required number of scores was a challenge, but our archers have done brilliantly, not just in getting to competitions, but also in their commitment to training. They are a credit to the club and our very best wishes to all of them.